Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weather Freebie: Happy, Fluffy Clouds!

I love teaching and learning about weather.   And we know students love to learn about it.  SO it's a win, win!  Here is a little throw back to last year and a FREEBIE that my students LOVED!
I also included printables to go along with the craft =)
Our cloud drawings:
And if you are in need of some last minute Earth Day activities, check out my Earth Day Pack {HERE}  It's on SALE until Earth Day!

Hope you can use the cloud freebie during your weather unit!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Directed Drawings for the School Year Growing Bundle is HERE

I finished as quickly as I could and it is listed at a SUPER low SALE price for what you will be getting.  FIFTY drawings when I am finished...and at the current price, that's like 25 cents each!
Ok, maybe I should go change the price...just kidding! (Although, it will be changing as it grows)
Right now, there are 5 drawings for April and 5 for May....with 4 for August (I am waiting to finish the 5th for August..but it should be added SOON!)  The rest of the months will be added this summer, in plenty of time for you to prep for next year =)  The pack includes a step by step direction page AND links for video tutorials for all of the drawings!

The thing is, this is a GROWING as it grows and I add months, the price will grow, too!  On a personal note, it's been a rough couple of weeks for me and my family...go hug someone you love and enjoy life.  We all have so much to be thankful for =)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Robot Directed Drawing FREEBIE

Just in case you are experiencing withdrawals from directed drawings since I am busy at work on my Directed Drawings for the Entire Year....I have a directed drawing for you to get you through!
ROBOT Directed Drawing!  Find it {HERE}  (Video Below)
 In other news, my year-long direct drawing pack is coming along nicely!  My thought is to finish all of April and May plus a part of August's drawings now... complete with easy to follow instruction pages, video tutorials, and photo examples of completed drawings.  I would list it in the next week or two so that those of you that need it for the remainder of this year can purchase it at a discounted price.  Then I will treat it as a growing bundle where I will add the rest of the months over the summer and each time, the price will increase.  That's what I am thinking right now... If I try to complete the entire year, it will probably be summer before I can get it all together =( so the growing idea seems like a better option =)

There is a video tutorial, but before you watch it, keep in mind that I am at home and the quality isn't great, but I think it is better than nothing, right?? lol 
Hint: If you watch it full screen, it is easier to see =)
If you are looking for a high interest pack for your students, check out my Shark Close Read...your boys will love it =)
Find it {HERE} on TpT
Hope you have a great week.  We've been off for Spring Break and although it's been a tough week, I've enjoyed some of the time I have gotten to enjoy being with my kids =)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Water Walk Experiment FREEBIE and Bumblebees Close Read

I love bringing science into my classroom and this was an activity that I originally saw over at Coffee Cups and Crayons.  I used this activity to explain capillary action (Capillary action is the process that plants use to pull water up from the ground.)  I begin the activity by asking my students if they think I could make water move from one cup to the other, without touching them (I have the three cups on the table, with water in two of them).  Most students said no, but of course I  also had a couple of yes answers with some crazy explanations (like "magic").  
Let the experiment begin.


Fill two cups with water.  Add blue coloring to one, yellow to the other.  Place an empty cup in the middle and roll up two paper towels, dipping one end into each cup and the other ends into the empty cup (as seen in the drawing below).  Ask for predictions.  Have students fill out the first box on the recording page. Wait about 30 minutes and you will see the water "climb" over the paper towel and into the empty cup.  The colors mix and create green (a little art bonus)!  Make sure to explain that the coloring has no effect on the experiment, they are merely used to "show" the water as it "walks."
Get your Water Walk FREEBIE {HERE}

After the experiment, some of the kids got into a discussion about whether paper would soak up water the same way as the paper towel did.  Of course, this was something we could easily test:
They learned that although the paper did soak up some of the water, it was not nearly as much as the paper towels (Paper towels are permeable and porous, meaning that they contain small spaces that both liquid and air may pass through.) The picture above was after it sat over night.  There are some great videos on You Tube that demonstrate this activity and some variations with more cups on Pinterest that are amazing!
We also learned about Bumblebees this week and even went outside to see if we could see luck!  But my kids learned SO much and although honey bees are the ones that make honey, bumblebees are still pretty interesting! You can see my Bumblebee Close Read {HERE}

 It may take me forever to finish (let's hope not!) but there will be a directed drawing activity for each week in school.  Does that sound like something you might be interested in?  Hope so!

And to celebrate spring, I'm having a sale!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Bunny and Bird Directed Drawing Video Tutorials with FREEBIES

My kids have been been really into directed drawings. I love to do them, too, so it's worked out well! But I know form a lot of the comments I have gotten, there are people out there that struggle with drawing, so for those people, this post is for you!
Introducing Bunny and Bird!
Find it {HERE} on TpT!
I love watching my students as they draw and add details!
If you need a video, I got one for you!
This one turned out a little more like a mouse, but it is still adorable!
Find the Bird Directed Drawing {HERE} on TpT!
And the video for it:
I also finished my latest Bumblebee Close Read!
You can find it {HERE}.   I will be sharing more about it later this week!
This is my Jack's bunny, drawing and following directions are a struggle for him, but I still think it's the cutest bunny around!
Hope you can will be able to use my latest creations!