Friday, August 12, 2011

I am alive...and more class pics!

Did you hear me? MONDAY!!!
I'm linking up with Curls a a Smile, Empowering Little Learners,  & Pocket Full of Kinders
to show my room!
We had "Meet the Teacher" last night...I got to meet all of my parents.  So far, I have 18.  I have been working in my room, sitting through meetings, and doing all the millions of things a teacher has to do to get ready for a new year.  I snapped some (awful) pics with my camera phone before I left  (at 7pm) today...hope you enjoy them!
View from my desk...
 My loft area and carpet meeting area
The above is as you come in my door, my letters and sound station...and the below pic is:
  My small group area and station board...idea from Deanna Jump 
(check out my last classroom pics post for details) Notice the mismatched fabric I used to cover the nasty pink chair! lol
 My Squid...that matches the bulletin board, and book, Biggest thing in the the pattern from: LittleLucyLu  Isn't he cute??
 The above board goes along with my "Question of the Day" listing on TPT and TN

 *MY* books are on the red shelf...
 My listening station
 and on the other side, my writing station...
 My desk..that until the last few days was clean!
 Our pet snake!
 The following two pictures are my "word ceiling"...not wall, because there is no more bare walls space to have one.  So instead, I use push pins to put my word wall words up there...each letter has a ceiling tile.  I've only put one up there to start the year...I need to put the kids' names...great, another thing to add to my list before Monday. =)
 My 5 Bees Promise...stolen from the great blog (and one of my favs) 


  1. Your room looks awesome. Thanks for the pics!! It's truly amazing how much we fit in our classrooms!

  2. Your room is super cute. I love looking at everyone's rooms. They're so inspirational.

  3. Wow! It looks amazing! Makes me realize how much I have left to do!{Big Sigh!!!} Thanks for sharing the pics & inspiration!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  4. Fire marshal prohibits us from hanging from the ceiling (or putting even letters.) I love your room! I love the ceiling and the bookcase! Love, love, love!

    You should link up... Classroom Pictures!

    Empowering Kinders and Other Kids Too

  5. This is the cutest room ever! love it! I have my pirate for the door made. I'm making my pirate ship. I have a tall bookcase like in your room. I'm going to paint it like yours. Good luck Monday.

    Welcome to Room 36

  6. You have a beautiful classroom! Your creativity shines through!!!

  7. Your room is seriously adorable. I had never thought about putting the word wall on the ceiling. I think it is genious! I don't think it would fly by my principle but I love it. Good luck on Monday!


    Teaming Up To Teach

  8. Thanks for linking up! Agree with Jessica... Cutest room ever!

  9. Your room looks great! I love the amount of space that you have and the reading nook! You kiddos are going to love being in your room so cute and colorful!

    I am have a classroom pics blog hop and would love for you to link up

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  10. I love how you printed out numbers to go with your direction icons!! What a novel idea! lol!

    Miss Kindergarten

  11. L-O-V-E the pet snake! I so need to make one for my jungle theme room. Your children are so lucky to be in such a cute classroom!


  12. Thanks for entering my giveaway!! I LOVE your classroom! So pretty and vibrant...and the word wall on the ceiling...WOW. You are so innovative! Can't wait to see what else you post!!

    -Ms. Thomas
    The First Grade Jungle

  13. I want to do the same for my 'word ceiling' except I'm a little nervous about the words falling!

    Do you have a solution? Do your words ever fall down?

  14. I've never had them fall..but I use push pins on at least each end and then one in the middle if it a long word =)

  15. I. LOVE. YOUR. ROOM! The word wall on the ceiling...just pure genius! So cute.
    Ms. A

  16. Jennifer! Your room looks FANTASTIC!! So colorful, so beautiful, so FUN!! Great job! I want to be in your room!

  17. I love the idea of a word wall ceiling.... I want to ask you though, does it prove to be a lot of work having to climb up there and put the words?

  18. I only put permanent words up our school name, our students names, etc. Weekly words or spelling words are found in a different location =)