Friday, November 11, 2011

Label It Christmas! and a freebie!

Hi everyone!  
My hubby is camping this weekend, so with this extra time alone..I mean alone with my three kids 
(not quite the same thing, right?) I worked on my labeling mats for Christmas.  I know many of you liked the snow freebies this week, but didn't want to actually "see"snow...or even think about snow yet.  I hope you don't feel the same way about Christmas...because it will be here before we know it!

 Find it on TPT and Teachers Notebook
This time I included 15 color mats for stations and 3 B&W ones for student/whole group use
Here is an example of one mat included in the pack:
 And because I love you guys, here is a holiday labeling freebie to celebrate my newest listing!
Just click on the above picture and download your free copy.  It is not in the labeling pack, it is just an extra mat with a graphic I got with the membership I won to Graphics Factory from the Moffat Girls!!
If you like it, leave some love below! =)


  1. Thanks for sharing! This goes right along with my reading standards for the next few weeks (nonfiction text features, labeling...) My 2nd graders will love it.

  2. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I emailed you a little surprise. =)


  3. So, so cute Jennifer!! I absolutely love your labeling mats! AND I am so glad you won that graphics factory membership! You sure are putting it to such good use!

  4. LOVE your blog, LOVE your work, LOVE your freebies! Thanks so much for sharing with me and my 24 little first graders too!

  5. Thanks for sharing!! I love your labeling mats!!

    Jennifer A.

  6. Love the labeling mat. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You have officially put me in the mood for making Christmas stuff. I will have to check out the Graphics Factory. Cute, cute, cute!!

  8. LOVE!! I'm so excitied about Christmas lessons..WAHOOOOO! Let's label

  9. Thank you for sharing your awesome freebie!