Sunday, February 19, 2012

Let's Make A Leprechaun....Or Two! (freebie, too!)

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I love St Patrick's Day...and all things Irish! Creating this pack was just too much fun for me!
Of course, I have been a bit busier (and sicker) than I thought I would be and it has taken WAY longer than I thought it would to finish it.  (Not to mention the fact that I kept adding stuff to it, making the initial size something like 180MB...until I found a way to reduce the file size with my MAC so that it is WAY more manageable).  ANYWAYS... This pack has, as usual, some adorable craftivities- a glyph and also a personalized friend which both have writing extensions...but the pack also has a bit of math...and a lot of writing and making connections with character and plot.
I also included a leprechaun legend that can be used as a "Think Ahead" (predicting activity)
...lots of activities to go along with my two fav St Patrick's Day books by Tomie DePaola...
gotta love Jamie O'Rourke!  
I  included Common Core standards covered with the pack, too.
If you get a chance, check it out HERE.
When you go to TPT, there is a freebie download if you click "Download Preview"

Seriously, you will love this pack!
Have a great Sunday!!


  1. It looks great Jennifer. I will have to go check it all out! Thanks for being so creative. Have a super rest of your Sunday!

  2. Looks awesome! I wish I taught first grade. =)

  3. Love it!!

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  4. This looks great!! I love St. Patty's Day, too!

  5. Hi there,
    Love your new pack...I am going to have to go buy it. Very cute stuff, nice job!!
    ~ Vicky
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  6. This is all SO cute, Jennifer!
    You are so creative. Guess that's why you teach the littles and I teach the biggies!
    : )

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  7. I WILL be getting this! So adorable it's ridiculous! {heart}
    Fun for First
    The Robin’s Nest

  8. Geez your products are the cutest things!!! Do you think this is geared towards 3rd grade too? Well regardless, love it!!

  9. How cute! I've made your reindeer and the snowmen are hanging up now. A big hit with everyone!

  10. Those leprechauns are completely adorable! I think my kiddos and i must give those a try! Thank you so much for sharing!

    ~ Katie
    First Grade ABCs

  11. That leprechaun is super cutie patootie!

    ☺ Tanya
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  12. So cute and heading to my cart as we speak! Thanks for the freebie too!

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  14. These are great!! Thanks so much for the freebie!

  15. Can't wait to go check them out! Looks fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work! :-)

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles

  16. What cute little leprechauns! I just realized that as long as I've been reading your blog, I wasn't even a follower...oh well, I am now :)

  17. Oh my goodness! Those little Irish craftivities are ADORABLE. Thanks so much for sharing. Too cute.

    Thanks for sharing!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  18. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday!

    I just stopped by to tell you how awesome and geniune you are! I was just reading on someone else's blog and you always have the most positive comments. I just wanted to let you know that you are truly appreciated!

    I adore your blog and you!

    Thanks for being the blogger that you are

    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

  19. I just bought this and I am excited to use it in my classroom!!!! LOVE IT :)

    Color Me Kinder

  20. These little leprechauns are adorable!!

    Fun In First

  21. Your article on St Patricks Day was very informative and well written, thanks for sharing this information. St Patricks day celebrations

  22. OMG! You are beyond creative, I just LOVE it :) I can't wait to get it! Have a FAB rest of your day :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  23. Jennifer, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. I have some money freebies on my blog that I thought you might want to take a look at.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  24. This is awesome! Very cute! I am a new follower.


  25. Looks awesome! Can't wait to use it!

  26. LOVE it! Another cutie-patootie!!!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever

  27. Wow! Super cute! Can't wait to use them..
    Stickers and Stars

  28. This is great!! I'm a new blogger and you definitely inspire me:) I hope you'll swing by my blog and follow along!!

  29. Will you just come to my class and make all this cutesy stuff with my students please?!?! I just love EVERYTHING you do! :)
    Eberhart’s Explorers

  30. These look adorable! I am loving those rosy cheeks on the Leprechauns!

    How in the world did you reduce your file size like that on your Mac?! I am always looking for a good way to do that!! :)

    Creating & Teaching

  31. I have the latest OS...but in Pages, under file...there is a "reduce file size" is AWESOME! I was afraid to use it b/c it said that it would reduce the size of my photos and stuff...but I couldn't tell the difference at all!
    Hope that helps!

  32. Wow, it totally looks awesome! Hey, what time is the Bama Blogger meet up? I noticed and re-posted the announcement, but I didn't see a time.

    The Daily Alphabet

  33. Love these guys!! Thanks for linking up!! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher