Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scentos Marker Giveaway Reminder!!

Don't forget to enter my Smelly Marker Giveaway!
You can win my Smelly Spelling Pack AND 5 Scentos Smelly Markers and a 6pack of 
Sweethearts Candy Smelly Markers.
Click Here to enter!!
 Giveaway ends tomorrow night 
June 17th at around 9pm!

Hope you love the pack!  
For complete contents, check out the listing on TPT or TN!

Also, for those of you who have been looking for Scentos:
I have heard from Mike a rep from WeVeel Inc. that...

Currently, Scentos Markers and Bubbles are available for purchase at Walmart for $1 (on clip strips near both the toy/coloring book section and near notebooks in the stationery aisle) year round. (They are having trouble keeping them in stock due to the high demand, but more should be arriving 
in stores this week.)
Staples has Scentos Markers (Near the aisle bins) in all stores. These are easiest to find, 
but are $2 in stores.

Soon ToysRus, Walmart and Staples will have big feature deals for Back to School. Michaels will be featuring Scentos again in for Back to School this year too. Walmart will have Banana & Chocolate. 

Target will have Christmas Scentos starting in November. Party City will have Moshi Monsters 
in the Fall too. 

They even started a Scentos Markers page on Facebook for product updates. 
They will be launching a collector page in the summer for Back to School. 

Great info, right??
So head out and get your own...or enter my giveaway!!!

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