Sunday, December 9, 2012

Observations and Nonsense Word Pattern Blocks! has been crazy!  I have been waiting for my observation for the last two weeks.  It isn't like I don't do my job normally...but waiting for them to show up drives me nuts.  I feel like at 9:01 if I am not already at stations, I am in trouble.  

So... bright and early Friday morning here they come walking in (before our reading block even begins officially).  I was totally caught off guard (although upon reflection I should have known!)  
So in they come and I just get flustered and forget to talk about my objective.  
Forgot to introduce my lesson completely. 
I just forgot.

They stayed over an hour...and my kids (I feel) did a great job.  We are talking about Kinders, who stayed with me (on task) for over an hour!  Yay!  Who knows if the observers will think it was a great lesson, but for me, I was pleased with my kiddos, even if I did forget the beginning.  

And now for what I have been up to today.  My Kinders will be taking DIBELS in January and have to be assessed for nonsense words (eek!)  So I worked on new pattern block mats to use for nonsense (real and silly) words.  The patterns in this pack are different than my other packs * which include sight words for first and second grades and also letter naming)

Check them out here:


Check back tomorrow night for a great big freebie!


  1. I don't like being observed and have gotten flustered as well. So, I know how you feel. I'm glad your kids were on task for you during your observation!
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. We had our Dibels Mid Year benchmark already- (first grade) Your adorable pattern blocks centers would have been a phenomenal review for some of them!
    They look great!
    Miss Squirrels

    Going Nutty!

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  4. This makes me giggle... because I feel the same way you do when I get observed. I was suppose to get observed the other day and they never came. Ugh talk about major anxiety. I am glad it went well girl! =)

  5. They stuck with you because you are an amazing teacher! And...soooo am with you on the waiting for their arrival and then getting flustered. No matter how long I've taught that is the case for sure! :) Smiles - Lisa
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