Friday, March 30, 2012

And the Winner is...

I am so happy to announce the winner of the awesome Luna Projection Camera!!
(However, I am saddened by the fact that my Spring Break is officially over =(
and now, after wiping a tear from my eye, I must put on a brave face...)

Cheryl from Crayons and Curls Blog!!  You will be receiving your Luna Camera from Learning Resources in the mail very soon!!  I hope you will love it as much as I do.  I want to thank Learning Resources for sponsoring this great giveaway!

A huge thank you also to all of you that entered!
I wish I could give each and every one of you a camera and more!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Label It! Summer, Ocean, & Pirate Fun! ~Freebie~

I had a couple of teachers request Label It Mats for Summer and also for the Ocean...throw in a little bit of Pirates (which I know a lot of you are doing right now)...and what you get is one fun, sunny pack!  Here is a preview of what is included...I tried to include as many BW versions as I could come up with =)  
You can find the pack here on TPT!

And for your freebies, just visit TPT here and click 'download preview'

Don't forget my giveaway that ends Friday night for the Luna Projection Camera!  Enter by clicking here!!

I know a lot of you are also doing Fairytales right now, so don't forget I have a pack of labeling mats for Fairytales in my TPT shop!

I cannot believe it is already Wednesday of my Spring Break already!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winners and a Bulletin Board Shout Out!

First off, I apologize that I haven't already announced the winners of the Chicken Glyph Pack 
although in my defense, I emailed the winners their packs already =)

ALSO....guess who had a bulletin board featured on Bulletin Board Ideas??  
Give up?
Why don't you go check it out see:

In other news, my Spring Break has been pretty good...the weather is lovely and I have gotten a lot done.  Thursday I go for an endoscopy, so that should be a good time =)
I have a great Earth Day pack & surprise coming up 
and am still working on Summer/Ocean Label It! Mats...maybe they will be finished soon...or maybe I will go back to reading my latest Harry Dresden book?  Decisions,

And did you see these Problem Solving Wabbits over at First Grade Parade...I think am in love!!
Check them out here:

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let's Make a Chick Glyph!

Super cute Chick Glyph, perfect for Spring and Easter! I included two glyph keys, one that has Easter themes and one that does not for those of you that need to focus more on Spring. And just for fun, I also included some optional writing activities...AND 
2 Class Graphs and 3 Eater/Spring Thinking Maps!!
Find it here on TPT!
Here are previews of everything included:

If you would like a free copy, leave a comment below before 9pm tonight 
(PLEASE leave your email address!!)
 and I will choose three folks that will get their own copy!
And don't forget to enter my giveaway for the Learning Resources 
Luna Projection Camera here!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Break and Giveaway Time!!

Happy Spring Break!!
In order to celebrate, how about a giveaway!?!?!
Oh my word!  I was asked to try out the
and let me tell you, it is AWESOME!
(*First, I want you to know that if I do a review on my blog, it will and is always a product that I will and have used.  My opinion will be honest and factual.  I do it mainly because I love giving my readers a chance to win something fantastic!*)

Anyway, I hooked it up and although I have used web cams in the past to take snapshots of work so that I could project a page on the board and work along with the kids, but this was different. The problem I've had with web cams is that the picture of the page was grainy and not really good or in focus. 
This camera is SO clear and can also be used as a video camera.
It has lights and is super easy to hook up and use.
  I have already used it to record my kids doing a reader's theater...which was great because we were able to later watch it as a class.  They were movie stars!
I also used the camera to have one of my students read a story while projecting it on the screen so everyone could follow along.  They loved it!

Learning Resources was kind enough to donate one of these projector cameras to give to one of my awesome followers! A $200 Value!!!
To enter all you have to do is be a follower of my blog and visit Learning Resources here and leave a comment telling me what you would purchase if you could buy one thing for your classroom!

Additional Entries:
Like Learning Resources on Facebook (leave a comment)
Follow Learning Resources on You Tube (leave a comment)
Congrats to Cheryl!!
The giveaway will end at 9pm central on
Friday March 30, 2012!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Label It! Rainforest ~Freebie

Another fun request from a sweet teacher for a Label It Set for the Rainforest.
Most of the animals in the set are found in the South and Central American Rainforest, but I do admit that I slipped in a few mats for animals that are found in rainforest in other parts of the world.  Also included are some fun Thinking Maps and writing activities for supplementing your Rainforest study!
The set has 18 Color Mats, 10 B&W Mats, 4 Writing Activities, and 10 Thinking Maps.
Hope you will love it!  Find it Here.

Grab the freebie above at TPT when you click the "Download Preview" Link!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary...Sale Extended!

A picture of us when we married 5 years ago on Jackson Square in New Orleans =)
Just had to share!
To celebrate, my St Patrick's Day Sale will last in my TPT store until midnight tonight!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Froggy Super Pack, Spring Labeling, and a Freebie, too!

The Most Awesome, Incredible, Fun Froggy Super Pack Ever!! 
 OK, well, at least the biggest & best one ever made by me...covering 11 Froggy Books!

 Included are: Thinking Maps, Labeling Mats, Writing Activities, Class Graphs, a Craftivity, and More!
Check it out here!
 71 Pages in all!

And I also had a sweet teacher ask for a Spring Themed Labeling of course, 
I got right on it! Here is what I came up with:

It includes a total of 39 Labeling Mats (22 color, 17 BW). The BW are not pictured above, 
plus, there are 10 Spring Thinking Map extras not pictured.
Check it out here!

And don't forget everything in my shop is on sale!!
Oh...and there is a Froggy freebie if you click "download preview" on TPT here!

And the clip art is TDF, right?  Check out Melondheadz for it!!
Sorry about the long post!  
I can't believe the weekend is over...but my hubby and I did have a great day yesterday!  
And tomorrow is our Anniversary...5 years!!!  Yay!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day Sale!

I have a special place in my heart for Ireland (my husband...not so much - lol- don't ask!)
Anyway, my paternal Grandmother was Irish and I love the culture (and the accent). 
To celebrate all things Irish, I am having a sale in my TPT shop this weekend!
Not to mention James Nesbitt is Irish...and that doesn't hurt =)
and did you see Google today?
awesome!  My hubby and I are off to enjoy the day by ourselves!  Yay Babysitters!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I am Thinking...Spring! ~Freebie~

I had a lovely teacher request a pack of Thinking Maps for Spring.  She wanted to include Easter, Spring, and St. Patrick's Day themes.  I created a pack of 47 assorted color and BW maps.   
Map styles included: tree map, bubble map, brace map, flow map, 
double bubble map and circle map.

Find the pack Here on TPT!

  The freebies below are available on TPT when you click "Download Preview"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Giveaway Winner!!!

The winner of the Spring Giveaway is:
(be sure to check out her great blog!)
Congrats, Jess!  I am emailing you your pack and giving your email to Ann so she can email you hers!
Dont forget to follow Anna, too!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Best thing I have ever done! ~Helpful Hint~

Well, one of the best things I have ever done maybe...
Last year I got so frustrated when I tried to find a book I was looking for -and couldn't remember where it was.  So I decided to fix that problem once and for all.  
Here's what I did:

Little by little, I would take a group of books from a location in my room and type the titles in a word document. At the top of the list, I would type the location of the book- which most times also serves as the subject of the group (like: Science bucket, or my library, or red dot books, or listening station, etc)  Then I would get another group of books and do the same thing.  By the end of it, I had a list compiled of every book in my classroom, listed under where it was located.
I thought it was going to take forever, but honestly it didn't take that long.
Has it made life easier?? YES!

This is what the document looks like in reference to the subjects:
 Here are the 5 gallon bags and baskets where those books are found:

Not only can I find books, but I can use the search function in Word to search for a
specific letter or sound...or word.
Here is a picture of the "search" in a document
 For instance, last week I needed a book that had an r controlled vowel in it.  I decided my best bet was the word "more" I type it in the search function box and in the document it found "Bear wants More" and "Always Room for One More."  
A few days later, one of the other teachers in first grade came over and asked if I had a certain Frog and Toad book...of course, I couldn't be 100% quickly I typed in "frog" in the document's search box and although I have several of them, I didn't have that specific one, but I knew immediately.
 Easy enough, right? 
Much better than running around, poking through baskets or shelves!!

Here is a picture of what one of the pages in the document looks like for authors
which are organized in the bags on the shelf:
 This is where you woudl find the levelized "dot" and thematic books listed in the document:

Now, keep in mind, the spelling/capitalization isn't always perfect in  the document...I was in a hurry and I keep meaning to go back through it and fix things.  It will happen...eventually!

Of course, I also have all my books in the listening center listed, the books
in my non-fiction baskets listed...everything!
Oh, and I am sure to add all titles that I purchase or order from Scholastic as I get them!

Hope this gives someone out there some useful ideas. 
You may not like doing it, but you will be SO happy if you do!