Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Seuss Celebration

As much as I tried to resist the urge to do anything with Dr Seuss (because of his company's not so nice behavior regarding teachers) I just couldn't resist and ended up doing some fun stuff with my kiddos!

Simple is the name of the game for me this year! 

We have a lot more planned, but it will be on Friday! 
 If you have any ideas or links to great ideas, share them in a comment below! 
For fun, I will pick someone from the comments to receive a pack of your choice from my shop!
Congrats Special Teacher for Special Kids!!  I am emailing you now!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Pete the Cat Books Released!

I know that You know that I have a strong affinity for all things Pete the Cat.  This is easily demonstrated by his books and stuff all over my classroom! (see below)

This morning I got a notification from Amazon that the two newest books, both 'I Can Read' books, will be available tomorrow! The third is available in May.
 Even though the company hasn't been very supportive of teachers creating packs to use with (not replace) his books, I still love Pete.  I can't help it.

Giant Pete...and I have two small ones floating about at home.

Oh, and in non-Pete related news, look at what I found today...40 finger lights $5.50
with free shipping:
(better hurry, not sure how long the deal will last)
We've all seen them used for reading...awesome!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Simple Bunny and Tie Dye Carrot Freebie

Hoppy Spring!
Keeping the tradition going as with my other Simple Crafts, I created a Simple Bunny Craft Pack that includes a ton of other materials, too!  

 Bulletin Board, super cute, right?

Tie Dye Carrots! 
Free Tutorial below!

Find the pack on 
TPT and TN!

And for your freebie, how about the tutorial for the 
tie dye carrots? 
(included also in the pack)

Comment below for a chance to win my Hoppy Bunny Craft Pack!

Congrats Jill4Bama!  I'm emailing you now

Friday, February 22, 2013

Five for Friday

I thought I would join the fun over at DoodleBugs (my first time!)
for Five for Friday

 My first two pics are from our family (just us) Surprise Birthday Party for Maggie on Wednesday.  She turned 4.  I just cannot stand the idea of her getting any older!!

And in my classroom....

The random SpongeBob drawing in the floor.

 And this....well, one of my kids was wearing this today.  Nice, right?

Join in the fun:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How To Organize Your Fonts! Freebie, too!

 This is it.  I have finally found a quick and easy way to keep up with all my fonts!
Since the days when I moved away from comic sans as my "go to" font, I have accumulated a lot of awesome, sometimes decorative fonts that I {heart}.  My problem has been that when I am creating a pack or working on a document, I don't have time to scroll through a ton of (sometimes small) fonts to choose one that works from the drop down menu.  So what I usually do is just use a handful of my fonts, even though I have many more.
Not anymore! I have found a way to quickly look over my fonts to choose the PERFECT one!

The small version I printed two copies and laminated them, one is bound with a brad and one with a ring...just to see which works best.  One is with my computer at school and one is next to my computer at home.  When I am working, I flip through the booklet and choose the font that is "just right"!

Another idea is to print them out and place them in plastic sleeves in a notebook.
The cover you see in the picture is my first attempt, I used it in the "test" stage of my new font organizer.

It is also awesome for when you know what a font looks like, but can't remember its name, flip through the book and find it quick!

How to:

You may be thinking that it would take an eternity to do this.  For me, it took about 30 minutes.  I used Pages (or Word) and created a text box, then I looked at my scroll down menu of fonts, chose the first one and typed its name, then the next.  I did NOT type the fonts that are standard or the plain, ugly ones that came with the computer, just my super cool ones =)
I chose an 18point font for each unless it came out too big or small, it ended up that I only had to adjust a few to either larger or smaller.

And for doodles?  I copied and pasted the alphabet with each doodle and have 
it saved as a document also!

(artwork used is from Little Red's Clipart and Kevin& Amanda's fonts)

Hope this helps!  Maybe do it as a summer project?!
Let me know what you think below or share if you have any helpful suggestions for how you organize your fonts!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look! Sight Word Activity Freebie

We are working hard on Sight Words this year!
I like to create pages (when it applies) where my students either draw or act out the sight word in some way.  Here is a quick little page I created for my kids to help them remember "look"  They draw the two o's as eyes and then fill in the blank with what they are looking at (then illustrate).  
Hope you love it!

Another thing I have found that my students LOVE is the pack of sight word watches from 
The Moffatt Girls!  They are SO cute and my students love to wear them all day!  Can you tell our other sight word this week was "what"?!

And I had to share this sweet picture.  I often have my students write sentences and illustrate parts...this sweetie used our directed drawing from a few weeks ago to fill in for the word penguin!  
LOVE it!

If you grab the freebie, be sure to leave me a comment below!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Filling Your Hearts

The authors at Freebie-licious want to fill your hearts as much as you've filled ours!  We are having a Blog Hop to share some great freebies!

For my freebie, I am sharing an emergent reader I plan on using this week. It has sight words: look and see, along with the word "box" because we are working on words that end with 'x' this week.  If you use the book when it is not Valentine's Day, you can just omit the last page when you print!

If you download, I would love if you'd leave a comment below!
(there was a small error in the reader this morning, it is fixed now!  You may need to download again.
 I am so sorry for the trouble!)

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